About Us

Salty Sole Story

The name Salty Sole has a storied history. From cold bodies and frozen toes, to a young girl’s legendary endless summer, the story of the Salty Sole is one that never ends. It is a reflection of good times, great memories, and stories that last a lifetime. The Salty Sole is on a journey through life. It’s a journey as beautiful, elegant, and timeless as the ebb and flow of the salty seas and changing leaves. For many of us, our undeniable longing lends itself to our return to the great outdoors and the salt of sea. Salty Sole is about remembering what is powerful and peaceful, calm and right. The great outdoors and the salt of the sea, provide us with the peace we need. Our community and company, Salty Sole, stands to deliver a dose of that peace when the great outdoors and the sea are just out of reach.